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A brown and black picture of two animals

Thank You To All Of Our 2023 Sponsors!

Past Years Maze Designs

A field with many words written in it
A corn maze with some kind of message written on it.
A corn maze with the words " wmbnews carolina strong heart strong strong."
A corn maze with the words " fall in love " written on it.
A corn maze with the name of s. C. Crown and the logo for the farm
A variety of corn mazes are displayed on the grass.
- Testimonials -

What People Say About Us

Awesome farm! Went to their Easter event and my daughter had a we booked their farm for her birthday and needless to say it wasn't hard putting anyone to sleep that night! Kids are already asking to visit again. This is an awesome place and definitely recommend.

โ€” Dakota

I attended their first drive-in concert and overnight camping event. It was the perfect venue! The field was freshly cut and level. The concert had great sound and lighting. The band, Big Something, was incredible! I hope they host other concerts/events in the future. Great job!!

โ€” Mead

Awesome atmosphere. Patient employees. My kids had a great time and so did we as parents. Watching your kids laugh and smile the whole time is priceless. I expect them to continue to add to the whole farm which will just make it better. Plenty of room for kids to run around and just be kids in a safe environment. Highly recommend and we will be back!

โ€” Kait

Thanks Thompson Farm for helping make the Howard/DuRant wedding a total blast and one of the best weddings I have seen in a while!!!!!

โ€” Kim

Join us on the farm!