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Watusi Cattle:
On Thompson Farm we are lucky to have three (3) Watusi Cattle. These Watusi are an exotic breed of bovine that are medium-sized and can sometimes be solid or spotted in color, but dark red is the most prominent. Female Cows can weigh anywhere between 950 pounds to 1,200 pounds, and bulls weigh between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds. Watusi Cattle originate from the African Savannah. This type of cattle is used to out running their predators and their horns can span up to 8 feet from tip to tip. The Watusi’s horns are also used as a cooling system for them and help them deal with harsh conditions. Our Watusi are very social creatures and eat and rest in groups for comfort and protection.  The Watusi were used as gifts to a brides family at the time of marriage and to show the status of a man in African tribes.

Scottish Highland Cattle:
The Scottish Highland Cattle are a shaggy haired, long horned breed of bovine that represent the beauty and mystery of the Scottish Highlands. They are a very hardy breed, shaped for survival, with strong maternal instincts, longevity, and reproductive efficiency. This type of cattle was brought the United States in the 1880’s. Their ability to consume a wider variety of plants including pest plants, allows them to be vital assets to improve pastures. These bovines also have long horns that sweep out and up on females, while male’s are horizontal with upturned tips.

American Buffalo:
Bella our very own American Buffalo is another bovine that can out run a horse and be very agile. They can weigh upwards to 3000 pounds. The American Buffalo can go from being a docile creature one minute and angry the next. In the 1800’s Americans hunted Buffalo at such a pace that the breed almost became extinct.

Magenta the Pig:
Magenta is a very well-known pig on Thompson Farm. Scott Thompson is her favorite person out here on the farm. She is the gentle giant within the pasture of all the cattle. When it is hot outside she will dig herself a large mud hole to keep cool.

We also have potbelly pigs, baby cows, and Pigmy Goats located in Edna’s Critter Barn.